Fine Art photographer, Tim Edington, welcomes you to his collection of images, which focuses mainly on wildlife and landscapes. Many of the images showcased here are from his native Ozark Mountains in Missouri. However other places in Texas, North America and Europe are represented too.

Recently returned to Missouri after decades in Texas, Edington says his passion for outdoor photography is indulged daily but never satisfied. His father majored in forestry at the University of Missouri and instilled a lifelong interest in the out-of-doors. Following his mother’s example he is almost never without a camera of some kind. Indeed, photography is his passion.

In addition to having a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Methodist University, Edington has studied with the Smithsonian Institution in the Grand Tetons National Park. Also his work has been exhibited at venues in Missouri and in Texas. Copies of his work hang in a museum, in a gallery, and in a courthouse.

He seems to have an innate ability to capture magical moments, many of which tend to be overlooked by others. Images caught through his lens resonate with audiences. Samples of these include the following:

A rainbow trout leaping from the river

A beam of sunlight passing through a flamingo's eye

A gust of wind ruffling the feathers on a bald eagle’s wings

A honey bee advancing on a bluebonnet

Backlit sycamore leaves shading one of the largest springs in North America

Dappled sunlight on a flowering dogwood draped over McKenzie Creek

Yellow leaves floating on the surface of a slough along Black River

The day's last rays of sunshine hitting mistletoe on Current River

The magic of a unicorn grazing in a field of bluebonnets

and more.